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The FIFA Prosecution

The FIFA Prosecution

FIFA ( International Federation of Association Football) is an International soccer league. On May 20th 2015  they indicted 14 executives for a number of crimes including racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud. The indictment was done by the Attorney General Loretta Lynch who is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the land.

The FIFA prosecution is interesting because basically non of the criminal activity took place in the United States. In fact the defendants were not even arrested in the United States, and some had not even been to the US. So how does this effect how the rest of the world views the United States, when we just prosecute their citizens for crimes that did not really directly effect the us.

Why Would Loretta Lynch Prosecute FIFA Officials

This case raises the issue of why would Loretta Lynch prosecute foreigners for crimes that did not really effect the United States, when any of those other countries could have prosecuted them just as easy. In her interview Loretta Lynch states that in 2010 the World Cup was scheduled to be in South Africa, and that it would have been the first time the continent of Africa had ever hosted the World Cup. However business men, through what she called bribes paid to have it moved to Brazil. While it is admirable to try and help out South Africa, and have the first World Cup in Africa, is criminal prosecution the way to get what you want. Right after the indictment the women’s World Cup was held in the United States. It should also be noted that right before Loretta Lynch indicted these officials, FIFA had just awarded a future World Cup to Russia.