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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can be a stressful and scary thing to go through. The ramifications for a conviction can have a devastating impact on people, which is only magnified when facing felony charges. Not only does the impact of a criminal sentence affect someone, but the stigma of having a criminal record can continue to affect the person for a long time. Even if the charges are dismissed they can sometimes still be found online or in other records, and can still effect you. One of my main goals as a criminal defense attorney is to help mitigate the impact a criminal charge has on a person, whether it’s by getting the case dismissed, a lower sentence, or trying to make the criminal record eligible to be sealed or expunged.

I am attorney Aaron Baghdadi, and I have defended thousands of criminal cases, and I’ve had the opportunity of working with a group of exceptional criminal defense lawyers. My experience defending criminal cases allows me to provide my clients with aggressive criminal litigation, from the time I take the case all the way through trial.

Frequent Criminal Charges

ArsonAssault & BatteryBurglary
Check FraudChild Abuse/NeglectConspiracy
Criminal TrafficDomestic ViolenceDrunk Driving (DUI)
FraudPossession of DrugsResisting Arrest & Obstruction
RobberySex Offenses Stalking
TheftTrafficking in DrugsViolation of Probation (VOP)