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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can be a stressful and scary thing to go through. The ramifications for a conviction can have a devastating impact on people, which is only magnified when facing felony charges. Not only does the impact of a criminal sentence affect someone, but the stigma of having a criminal record can continue to affect the person for a long time. Even if the charges are dismissed they can sometimes still be found online or in other records, and can still effect you. One of my main goals as a criminal defense attorney is to help mitigate the impact a criminal charge has on a person, whether it’s by getting the case dismissed, a lower sentence, or trying to make the criminal record eligible to be sealed or expunged.


Collateral consequences are the consequences that arise from a criminal case as a result of the case. Collateral consequences are not part of the sentence, but can often times have a detrimental effect on a person. The defense bar has counted thousands of collateral consequences that can arise from a criminal case. Sometimes the effect of these collateral consequences are worse then the sentence itself. However there are ways of dealing with collateral consequences that can lessen or virtually eliminate the effect a criminal case can have on you. If you have a criminal case make sure you know about the collateral consequences that come with the case.

Frequent Criminal Charges

ArsonAssault & BatteryBurglary
Check FraudChild Abuse/NeglectConspiracy
Criminal TrafficDomestic ViolenceDrunk Driving (DUI)
FraudPossession of DrugsResisting Arrest & Obstruction
RobberySex Offenses Stalking
TheftTrafficking in DrugsViolation of Probation (VOP)