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The FIFA Prosecution

FIFA ( International Federation of Association Football) is an International soccer league. On May 20th 2015  they indicted 14 executives for a number of crimes including racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud. The indictment was done by the Attorney General Loretta Lynch who is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the land. The FIFA […]

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The Clemency Project

Reducing Unfair Sentences In an attempt to correct federal sentences that almost everyone in the legal field have agreed were too harsh, the Department of Justice started the Clemency Project 2014. When a defendant receives clemency under the Clemency Project, their sentence will be commuted (which means the president will lower his sentence) to a […]

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Civil Forfeiture

How the Government Can Seize Your Property Civil forfeiture is the process where the government takes your property because they think it is part of a crime. As John Oliver points out civil forfeiture can be pretty satirical looking from the outside, however the results can be devastating to the people effected by it. And […]

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